Script: SUM values if font is bold – Google Drive Spreadsheet

I was working on some calculations using Google Drive Spreadsheet.
Than I found out, that I would need SUM values only from cells, which has bold font… Than I found out, that there is no simple way, how to do that with basic functions included in Spreadsheet application. That was the moment, when I found out, that there is option create a custom fuction by my own needs using Google Apps Script!
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Google Maps API & PHP+MySQL – working with radius and distance

I needed to find out how to work with Google Geo API in my last project and especially with calculating a radius and distance between two geo points. Another goal was to get a latitude and longtitude from the address typed in the register form (in the background). Finally it was quiet easy. Here is the solution: Continue reading

Google developer day Prague 2009

I guess that we were all (web developers) looking for this day in our country. While I was watching an developer day in World Trade Center São Paulo I decided, that I have to register for the local one (Prahue). This kind of occasion does not happen every year and everyone who is interested in this field of internet bussiness has to jion this event.

Past time I have spend a lot of time playing aroud with a new product – Google Wave – and there is not too much information on the internet about this new Google service and as long as I see a lot of potential in this new service, I want to know more of information about this. I am also interested in deeper look into other Google web tools like maps, ajax apis etc.

So I am going to join this event (currently today – in 7 hours) an keep You informed about my new  findings at this event.