Google Maps API & PHP+MySQL – working with radius and distance

I needed to find out how to work with Google Geo API in my last project and especially with calculating a radius and distance between two geo points. Another goal was to get a latitude and longtitude from the address typed in the register form (in the background). Finally it was quiet easy. Here is the solution: Continue reading

Hidden Firefox feature – list of opened tabs with thumbnails?

Today I accidentaly found, that firefox has probably hidden feature. I was always wondering for some feature in the Firefox, which would work similar like Switcher for Windows Aero enabled systems. I mean feature which will offer You list of opened tabs, and You can easily choose one of Your interest via thumbanil or via some letters typed in searchbox. Continue reading

MySQL visual database design

I was looking for some nice freeware visual mysql database designer couple of weeks ago. I found two of them: DBDesigner 4 and MySQL Workbench. I must say, that both programs are really very similar, I mean from the view of the UI and menus structure. I gave a little user testing to both of them and designing database using these tools is very easy and fast… Continue reading

HP Mini 311 – Review & Windows 7 installation

I just got HP Mini 311 ION netbook into my hands. This is one of the first ION based netbooks on the world market. Price is quiet low for the value You will get.
NP Mini 311 has many of interesting technical parameters as you can see in the following producer official technical details table… Continue reading